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What we wore for our Engagement Celebration

Anthony and I went back and forth on what to wear for our engagement party. We had our celebration at a rooftop lounge so it wasn’t your standard engagement party. After months of searching we both found our perfect outfits.

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How I DIY’d my Engagement Party Decor

It’s easy to skim through Pinterest and Etsy when you’re having an engagement party or wedding. You see concept after concept of desert tables, backdrops, flowers, card box’s, but all that adds up.

After speaking with my fiancé about the cost of things, I said to myself, “Screw buying it, I can make this!”, so at our 2 week countdown to the party, I got to work.

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How I told my fiancé my ring style

If you read my previous posts then you would know that I was completely shocked about my proposal and had no preconceived idea that I was going to be engaged. Despite that, I still managed to tell my fiancé what kind of ring I would want if we ever did get engaged.

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Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes..

Never in my life would I have assumed that finding a dress for my engagement party would be this complicated. Things are either too simple for this kind of party or too expensive for my wallet.

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Engegement party

“You are cordially invited to “The Engagement party.” “

In New York, where I was born and raised, it is expected that you have a huge party before your wedding to celebrate your engagement. This tends to happen about six to eight months after your engagement.

I never understood these nor did I expect I would be the type of girl who has one herself. Little did I know who I was going to be marrying. To give you a little knowledge of my fiancé, he likes big extravagant things. He enjoys parties and celebrations, and being over the top. He plans big celebrity events as part of his job and it’s just a world he loves.

I on the other hand am a small town girl, no parties, no extravagance. I enjoy wearing pants and hate dresses.

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Post- Proposal Depression

Every girl reacts differently to their proposal.

There are the girls who know it is going to happen because well, its year five and you’re going somewhere really nice for your anniversary. There are the girls who act shocked meanwhile they found the ring in his sock drawer (guys please find a new hiding space). There are the girls who cry because it is the most magical moment of their lives thus far. Then there are the girls who did not expect an engagement and it comes as a complete shock to them.

Of course when it comes to the moment where the men get down on their knee and ask for their hand in marriage, the usual reply is “Yes!” with hands covering their mouth– No joke, if you look at almost any proposal the girl has her hands over her mouth in shock.

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The Proposal

The engagement was unexpected.

In the months leading up to it we talked about how I wanted to be done with school and how we needed to be dating longer– I’ve known him since I was 13, I was  now 24. I had made comments about wanting to be married in 2020 but his consistent reply was “We probably won’t even be engaged by then.”

Here’s the story of how it happened…

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